Monday, November 03, 2008

Easy Baby Crocheted Tube Socks

As promised, here is a crocheted baby tube sock. Actually 2 versions.

Easy Baby Crocheted Tube Socks

Soft worsted weight yarn-about an ounce
Size I crochet hook

Cuff: Chain 9.
Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and across. 8 sts. Chain 1, turn.
Row 2-12: Sc across 8 sts in back loops only. Ch 1, turn. There are now 6 ridges. Bring the last row to the first ch row and slip stitch the 2 sides together forming a tube. Turn right side out.

Variation #1 (solid blue in photo)
Row 1: Sc 16 sts evenly spaced around the cuff.
Row 2-9: These rows are crocheted in a spiral. There is no joining or turning. Mark the beginning of the row but keep going around. 16 hdc for each row.
Row 10: Hdc dec over 2 sts, 4 hdc , hdc dec over 2 sts (2x), 4 hdc , hdc dec over 2 sts. (12 sts) No turning
Row 11: 12 hdc
Row 12: Hdc dec, 2 hdc, hdc dec (2x), 2 hdc, hdc dec (8 sts)

Turn inside out and sl st the sts together for toe or cut yarn leaving a tail and sew the toe closed. Weave in ends. Make another bootie

Variation #2 This is a slightly more dense, cozy fabric. (variegated yarn in photo)

Make a cuff as above

Row 1: Sc 17 sts evenly spaced around cuff.
Row 2-9 (Sc, dc) around. This is the pattern. Again the rows are crocheted in a spiral with no turning or joining. After you finish row 2, you will always have a sc in a dc and dc in a sc from the row below so it's easy to keep track of the pattern. Just mark the beginning of the row and keep going around.
Row 10: Dec over 2 sts, 5 sts in pattern, dec (2x), 4 sts in pattern, dec (13 sts)
Row 11: 13 sts in pattern
Row 12: Dec, 3 sts in pattern, dec (2x), 2 sts in pattern, dec (9sts)

Finish toe off as above. Make another bootie.

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