Friday, January 06, 2006

Happily Weaving in the New Year

Gabe took some photos of the rug I wove for them in front of their new fireplace. The colors in the photos are a little darker in the photos than on the real rug but you can see the pattern plainly. Gabe says that our grandcat, Nala, really enjoys the new rug.

Cats always find the most comfortable spots in a house and I know I can't think of anything much better than a wool rug in front of a cozy fire.

Monday, Howard went back to work and I took down the Christmas tree and packed up all the decorations. I am usually sort of sad when I do that but realized by the time I see them again, we will be in our new place and settled in for some time and that sounds pretty good to me. The weather has been great all week so they got the roof shingled.

Anyway, on Monday, I started weaving the tapestry and worked on it at least a couple hours every day this week. I have 4" done which doesn't sound like much but this is one of the most complex tapestries I have ever woven. There are lots of overlapping angles that I have to keep figuring out what order to weave them in to build up to the area properly. I am happy with it so far and the weaving time seems to fly by. Much of the design was vertical lines so I'm weaving it from the side to be able to weave those verticals as horizontals which is a lot easier but there are still plenty of vertical lines to deal with and lines that cross over each other at angles. I must admit I've done my share of unweaving because of mistakes that I made and didn't see right away. Still, I've made good progress and learned a lot on this one already.