Friday, January 05, 2007

Flying C Exhibit

Happy New Year! I'm hoping that we all have a happy, healthy and productive year. We had a wonderful Christmas season and now it is good to be getting back to weaving and new projects.

It's hard to believe that it's time for my exhibit to come down already but it was a great experience and I got so many wonderful comments about my work.

Who knew that a golden mustard wall would be such a nice background color? All the framed works are by Marlene Soccocia. She does colographs which are collages made with primarily fabrics and then she inks and prints from them. We were both marveling that the wall was such a neutral for both our works. Unfortunately, glare off the glass of her works made it hard for me to get good photos of them but her work is very nice. We had never met before, so it was interesting to get to know her and we loved how our work went together.

Today is the last day of the exhibit and so I'll go in the morning and take down my work so anyone who reads this and is local, last day to see this up at the Community Co-op restaurant.

Some of the new projects I have coming up this year are to weave a saddle blanket and some new small tapestries to combine with the bands for purses in new ways that I want to try. For Christmas, I got a wonderful new iMac computer so I want to learn Photoshop and Illustrator. And I want to bake more bread. I love the new year and all the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead.

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