Sunday, March 26, 2006

Latest Tapestries

This little tapestry is a 4"x6" postcard which I mailed to the "Wish You Were Here" Fiber Art Postcard Exhibit at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, AZ. The postcards have to be postmarked by April 1st and the exhibit is from May 4-June 13. The postcard could be any fiber medium and had to have an Arizona theme. It had to be mailed as a postcard without an envelope. I hand sewed some light cardboard to the back of the tapestry to write on and that worked out well. It was really fun to do and I learned a lot about the state just doing some research. Now I want to go visit there. I knew before I started that I wanted to do something with cactus since I have always loved them. I am wondering what shape the postcard arrived in but I guess that is part of the challenge.

This is the tapestry for the Grand Ideas Small Format Tapestry show. The photo that I drew the cartoon from is in the last blog entry. I am extremely happy with this one and I think it is the best that I have done so far. Not only that, I learned a lot doing it because I tried to do some things that I haven't woven before and I worked out how to do them.

There were a couple of reasons that I took a break from the blog. I was having trouble uploading photos and got very frustrated with it. My daughter was here this weekend and she figured out what the problem was and showed me how to remedy it so that obstacle should be solved. Also, we moved. It was stressful and hard but now that we are here, it was all worth it. We are mostly settled in and I'm starting back at weaving this week. It feels so good to have all that done and to be able to just go to work (I should say play!) without that hanging over us. We have a beautiful view of the mountains and I should have some photos to post of our place before too long. My plan is to blog more regularly now that all the excitement is over.