Monday, October 27, 2008

Easy Baby Garter Stitch Tube Socks

The last year or so, I've been knitting or crocheting baby booties for charity. They go into newborn kits for moms who don't have anything for their new babies and the kit contains a few essentials. It's a nice little project to carry around or work on here and there and still get something finished. I tried various patterns that I found online and liked the tube sock concept best because it seems like it will stay on without a tangly tie and also fit a growing baby's foot the longest.

This is knitted flat and after the ribbing, it is all garter stitch so very simple to knit. It could be done in the round but is much faster knit flat, even with the seam-sewing time. It's such an easy pattern that after the first one, you'll pretty much have it memorized.

Worsted Weight Tube Socks

Gauge is not important
Needles-#7 or 8
Scant ounce of yarn

Loosely cast on 20 stitches
Cuff: Rows 1-10-- K2 P2 ribbing across
Rows 11-42: Slip first stitch, knit each row across = 16 ridges of garter stitch.
Row 43: K2 tog, K6, K2tog(2x), K6, K2tog
Row 44: Knit across
Row 45: K 2 tog, K4, K2tog(2x), K4, k2tog

Cut a long tail and thead a yarn needle. Draw through last sts on needle and go through again to gather into a circle. Pull it tight and sew up the side seam right sides together. Weave in ends. Turn right side out. Which side you call the right side doesn't matter much but I call the right side the one that has the starting yarn tail on my right when the work is facing me. I think that the top of the ribbing looks better on that side but it's a minor detail. Make another one.

Sport Weight Version

#5 needles
Less than 1 ounce of yarn

Loosely cast on 24 stitches
Rows 1-10: K2,P2 ribbing across
Rows 11-50:Slip first stitch, knit across all rows = 20 ridges of garter stitch
Row 51: K2tog, K8, K2tog(2X), K8, K2tog
Row 52: K across
Row 53: K2tog, K6, K2tog(2X), K6, K2tog
Finish as above.

For Crocheters: Have patience, in a few days I will post the crochet version.

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At Tue Oct 28, 02:12:00 PM MDT, Blogger Kelly said...

These are so cute, and easy. I can't wait to try them.

At Wed Apr 08, 02:07:00 AM MDT, Anonymous Dianne said...

these are really cute! i have a quick question...approximately how much should these socks measure? i'm using smaller sized needles and thinner yarn so i'm trying to modify accordingly. thank you~

At Thu Apr 23, 12:56:00 AM MDT, Anonymous heather said...

these baby socks are brilliant. SO quick and easy! and i learned that i dont hate ribbing like i thought i did :D beautiful! thanks for posting the pattern :D

*heart* heather ;)~

At Sat Feb 20, 03:13:00 PM MST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a great pattern.. I made a pair and sent them with a sweater set to a Hospital that delivers babies for our troops.. about six months later I received a letter asking if i would make many part i have bought patterns and never was able to complete a pair until I came upon yours.. Thanks again..June-Michigan

At Mon May 03, 05:55:00 PM MDT, Blogger Deborah Townsend said...

Thank you for that pattern. Could you please tell me what yarn and colors you used for all of the garter stitch tube socks? Thank you, Deborah

At Tue May 04, 07:23:00 AM MDT, Blogger Kathy Wishnie said...

I am so happy that so many of you are enjoying this pattern. It is especially nice to hear that some are going to charitable projects and those charities are requesting more. I'm still working on these for our church's Humanitarian Aid.

Deborah, that yarn was donated to me and so I don't know much about it. Isn't it gorgeous? It is wool and an aran weight singles. The person who gave it to me was making baby clothes with it so it is soft and cozy. Any soft worsted weight yarn will work and I've doubled up fine yarns which make nice cushy socks as well.

At Tue Jul 05, 09:14:00 PM MDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soory to ask you this question:
Rows 11-42: Slip first stitch

Slip first stitch - Knitwise or purlwise?

At Wed Jul 06, 09:07:00 AM MDT, Blogger Kathy Wishnie said...

I slip it knitwise but it wouldn't matter as long as you are consistent. Thanks for the question and enjoy making the socks.

At Sun Nov 20, 08:03:00 PM MST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these easy garter socks.

I will try using 4mm straight knitting needles, sock yarn.

Are you coming out with a pattern using DPN's ?

How could I try to modify this pattern into stockinette stitch straight needles or DPN's.


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