Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lots of finished projects!

These last couple of weeks, I have been working really hard to finish up as many projects as I can. My daughter and son in law are coming next weekend and they will photograph everything that is finished for the website. It will be nice to have some photos to post on the website also. This week I finished 2 purses that I have been working on for awhile and also wove 2 scarves.

The bag I finished today, I am especially pleased with. I had some 6" square landscape tapestries that I have been doing the last few months to record the mountains and sky. I chose one of them and wove some inkle bands that matched the colors and feel of the tapestry weaving and then constructed a bag incorporating the tapestry. It turned out much better than I had expected because in the past, I have had some difficulty in getting bands to merge well with other woven fabric. This all worked well so now I can make more using some of these other little tapestries and other colors. For the closure, I used picture jasper and tourmaline which is just a nice subtle but elegant touch. It is so fun when a project comes together so well!

The yarn I spun for the scarves took a long time to make because I used different colors and spun them randomly so that it would give a faux plaid effect when woven. One is natural dark chocolate brown and natural white and the other is greens, purples, gold and pinks. I promise I will have pictures very soon.

We have been getting a good amount of much needed rain here in southwest Montana. Enough so that they say the threat of forest fires is not as great as they had earlier thought. Everything is nice and green and the wildflowers are blooming like crazy. The creeks and mountain streams are filled and running wildly when we hike every week. It has been a beautiful spring.