Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weaving, Unweaving and Reweaving

Last week I got the loom warped for my trees tapestry and got a good section up one side woven. As I looked at it over the weekend, I realized that it just wasn't right. I am still not sure if I changed from my original plan or had simply gotten mixed up somehow but the placement of the shades of color was just not right. I hate unweaving. I tried to think of any way at all that I could keep what was there and change it from that point on, but deep down I knew it would have to come out. So yesterday morning, first thing, I just starting taking it out. I had to unweave because I might need that yarn and didn't have a whole lot of it. Already, the weaving is way past where it was and is so much better. Now I am really glad that I took it out and did it right. It could have been worse and been further along than it was. I am going for a misty, foggy look and now I think that is coming across in the few inches I have so far.

The last two weekends we have gone hiking in the mountains. Spring is finally here and the snow is mostly gone up there but I haven't seen any wildflowers along the trails yet. I saw some dogtooth violet plants starting to poke up through the ground and even some buds on the holly-grapes but nothing blooming yet. One part of the trial had snow that was about 2' deep and we could walk along on top, but every now and then, we would fall through to our knees. It was so beautiful and the creek was full and running swiftly. I took a lot of photos but still have to have them developed. I hope I can make some drawings from them for future tapestries.


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