Friday, January 14, 2005

Weaving and Moose Siting

The afghan is all woven and off the loom. The colors and yarn worked out wonderfully, much better than I even expected. I've started to twist the fringe but haven't finished that up yet, maybe this weekend. When it gets washed, the waffles will get deeper and it will get softer and fluffier. It was one of those weaving projects that just came together so easily and the weaving was a joy, I hated for it to be done. But I'm already thinking about what yarn I already have that I could use in the next one, maybe needing to spin some more to have enough.

The last month or so, I've been learning ASL to be an interpreter at church. I understand the syntax and don't have a problem with that at all. Just learning and remembering all the signs is hard but with the holidays, it was a lot of interruptions. Maybe now I will get into a better study routine.

They are having a fiber/yarn exchange on the dyehappy list and I entered 2 fiber groups. I have several ideas and don't know which I'll end up with but my plan now is to take a couple paintings and analyze the colors as to both color and proportion of that color in the painting and design a color blend for fiber using that scheme. I've done this before and learned a lot by doing it. I haven't been spinning at all lately and I miss it and would like to get some fiber carded up next week to work on.

The week after Christmas, our son, Gabe, was here for a visit. This was the first time that he's been to Montana and I think he really liked it. Here is a photo of moose we took while hiking by Bozeman Creek. They had come to the creek to drink and we were thrilled to get to see them. And then a photo of Gabe.


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